The 11 best sleeping cars: review 2023 | (2023)

Whether you're looking to save a few bucks on your road trip or embark on an epic camping adventure, sleeping in your car is becoming a popular alternative to hotels and tents. From the Honda Odyssey to the Kia Telluride, there are cars in every class that are especially suited for sleeping.

There are several factors to consider when deciding on the type of car to sleep in, including overall rating, price, and cargo space. He

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We've rounded up the best sleeping vehicles so you can find a suitable vehicle for all your adventures.


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Subcompacto y Hatchback

These compact cars are not only highly rated and affordable, but they existEnough space for two average sized people to sleepwhen the rear seats are folded down. Smaller cars also have the added advantage ofbetter fuel consumption, that will be good for you

long car rides!

Hyundai VelosterN

Assessment of the car and the driver:8.5/10

Starting price:33.545 $

Maximum cargo space:44.5 cubic feet

the veloster

offers excellent performance for its price andhatchback, there should be a good amount of space for a night or two with your eyes closed. if you are looking for onemotor turbodrive but still want to camp in the back, the Veloster is your car.

Honda Civic Fließheck

Assessment of the car and the driver:9.5/10

Starting price:23.365 $

Maximum cargo space:46.2 cu ft

The citizen

has been a popular compact car for years, but thehatchbackThe model offers much more cargo space than the sedan. The clean design and comfortable cabin should provide more than adequate resting place.

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volkswagen golf gti

Assessment of the car and the driver:10/10

Starting price:30.540 $

Maximum cargo space:52.7 cubic feet

One of only two cars on this list with a 10/10 rating, the


combines the sportiness of one


with a surprising amount of cargo space. The rear seats are flat so you can add whatever bedding you need for a comfortable nap.


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Crossovers and small SUVs

among their ownversatilityYpracticability, crossovers and small SUVs are the most popular class of car. The compact SUVs on this list offer cargo space that rivals their larger cousins. they also offermore agility, which is crucial on winding mountain roads.

Mazda CX-30

Assessment of the car and the driver:9.5/10

Starting price:23.425 $

Maximum cargo space:59.6 cubic feet

if you want moreCrossover with a luxurious feelwhich can provide an occasional comfortable night's sleep that

Mazda CX-30

I've Got You Covered Between its sleek exterior and luxurious cabin, you'll wake up thinking you've stayed at a boutique hotel instead of your car.

Chevrolet Tagundnachtgleiche

Assessment of the car and the driver:7/10

Starting price:26.995 $

Maximum cargo space:63.9 cu ft


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Chevy Tagundnachtgleiche

is one ofmore popularCrossovers, and not for nothing. the equinox bringsmuch spacedozing at the table - and hasrespectable fuel consumption, a.

subaru interior

Assessment of the car and the driver:9/10

Starting price:28.070 $

Maximum cargo space:75.7 cubic feet

Everyone knows Subaru's are made for adventure, so it's no surprise.


made our list. There ismuch spaceto rest, whether in the front seat, in the back seat or while you sleepfolded seats. Subaru are also known for it.keep your valuemore than other brands.

Honda CR-V

Assessment of the car and the driver:9/10

Starting price:27.625 $

Maximum cargo space:75.8 cubic feet

With only two rows you might think so


it's a bit too tight, but it beats its competitors when it comes to the Trifecta's rating-price space. It doesn't have bad gas mileage either, at 34 mpg on the highway, perfect for your next road trip.


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midsize and high-end SUVs

These larger trips are a good option for families or those carrying large cargo. Larger SUVs also offer anothersecurity layer, and they can bedriven in winter weather. These benefits, combined with their sheer spaciousness, make them the perfect choice for a good night's sleep, no matter where you are.

palisade hyundai

Assessment of the car and the driver:9.5/10

Starting price:34.595 $

Maximum cargo space:86.4 cubic feet



is among the best ratedthreefoldjeeps. Its generous space, reasonable price, and premium feel make it the perfect SUV that doubles as a tent for the night.

Kia Tellurid

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Assessment of the car and the driver:10/10

Starting price:34.345 $

Maximum cargo space:87 cubic meters

So weird10/10vehicle that

Kia Tellurid

It has endless features and functions. even with everyoneeight seatsthere is still room in the back for a couple of suitcases. Or move all the seats for a good night's sleep. Think of it like a cabin on wheels.

chevrolet suburbano

Assessment of the car and the driver:8.5/10

Starting price:54.495 $

Maximum cargo space:121.7 cubic feet

As one of the classics is the

In the place

is definitely the way to go thoughSpaceis your main goal. with your backtwo rows of seatsWhen folded up, you have plenty of room to curl up for a good night's sleep. Who needs hotels?


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Despite their reputation for being less cool than SUVs, minivans are often more affordable, accessible, andmore spacious. If you're looking for space, a minivan is your best option, unless you want to tow a trailer or go off-roading.

kia carnival

Assessment of the car and the driver:9/10

Starting price:33.555 $

Maximum cargo space:145.1 cu ft


kia carnival

It looks so classy that you'll forget it's a minivan. The cabin also feels premium, making it the perfect car for lounging around.optional panoramic sunrooffor fresh air or star gazing at night.

Toyota Sienna

Assessment of the car and the driver:8/10

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Starting price:35.925 $

Maximum cargo space:150.0 cubic feet


has the complete package: space, affordability andfuel consumption. He gets 36 mpg on the highway, saving him money in the long run, especially if he takes his Sienna on adventures. Toyotas are known for theirreliabilityYWert, so expect to have your sienna for a while.

honda odyssey

Assessment of the car and the driver:9/10

Starting price:34.265 $

Maximum cargo space:155.7 cubic feet

Hespace-price ratiofrom


makes it unbeatable among vehicles in its class. It's not the most refined of the bunch, but it offers the most practicality and value.



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