The 10 most expensive beds in the world - Amerisleep (2023)

Most beds have the same goal: to be a comfortable place to sleep at night. But for some, a simple, high-quality bed is not enough.

Some of the most expensive beds in the world cost the same as a car or even a house. The world's most luxurious beds include features like surround sound systems, televisions, refrigerators and more.

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While a six- or seven-figure bed isn't necessary, it's always fun to take a look at great beds with unique craftsmanship and compare their features to yours.

Here is our list of the 10 most expensive beds in the world.

10. Sphere Bed – $50,000

The 10 most expensive beds in the world - Amerisleep (2)

Designed by Karim Rashid, the Sphere bed has a unique and retro design. The canopy structure surrounds the entire mattress, with a high headboard, footboard and closed top. The frame has durable bright red upholstery to make it the coolest focal point in any room.

The Sphere Bed features a 32-inch TV, cup holders, mirrors, LED lights, surround sound speakers and an adjustable bed frame. This bed is really for people who like to spend a lot of time in bed.

9. La cama Monarch Vi-Spring – $50,000

The 10 most expensive beds in the world - Amerisleep (3)

Vi-Spring offers some of the most luxurious beds in the world. Unsurprisingly, the mattress itself contains a luxurious blend of cashmere, sheepskin and mohair. The support unit contains over 3,000 stainless steel coils.

The bed frame is made of eco-friendly hollow bamboo. Bamboo is naturally moisture absorbent,hypoallergenicand antibacterial. Bamboo also improves airflow throughout the bed, an important feature for improving sleep quality.

8. Bed with Starry Night Sleep Technology – $50,000

The 10 most expensive beds in the world - Amerisleep (4)

The Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed is a high-tech mattress offered at a premium price.

The Starry Night Sleep technology bed features a surround sound stereo and video projector that you can use to display stars in your bedroom or turn your bedroom into a movie theater, hence the name. The bed also includes a phone charging station so you're never too far from your devices.

The mattress itself is also unique. The bed splits in half so you and your partner can customize either side of the bed. It has anti-snoring technology, temperature control and a sleep diagnostic center to monitor your movements and breathing patterns.

7. Cama Cosmovoid – $ 60.000

The 10 most expensive beds in the world - Amerisleep (5)

The egg-shaped Cosmovide bed has a futuristic look. The entirety of this large structure is a mattress, with plenty of padding and a soft fabric cover.

The bed comes with a built-in phone, DVD player, TV and surround sound. Not only that, but the top of the board has colorful LED lighting for evenings and mornings.

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Compared to today's beds and technology, the Cosmovide bed is quite retro, with a built-in cable phone and DVD player, but this bed is luxurious nonetheless.

6. Cama Majesty Vi-Spring – $ 84.400

The 10 most expensive beds in the world - Amerisleep (6)

The Majesty Vi-Spring Bed has a variety of additional features compared to the Monarch.

At almost twice the price of the Monarch, the Majesty Bed is handcrafted by its designer, Jab Anstoetz, and contains over 6,000 pocket springs from calico for perfect weight distribution. The mattress contains some of the softest materials in the world: British polar fleece, Shetland wool silk, cashmere and European horsetail.

One of the main reasons the Majesty Bed costs nearly $85,000 is the real silver and gold sewn into the bed.

5. The Vivid – $ 140.000

The 10 most expensive beds in the world - Amerisleep (7)

Handcrafted in northern Sweden, the Vividus bed contains horsetail, long cotton, linen, pine, wool and a bagged coil support system. The mattress, box spring and pillow top come in a variety of colors and styles.

Buying Vividus is not an easy task. Buyers should call the Hästens VIP phone number and arrange a private sleep test appointment. After that, it takes Hästens approximately 45 days to build your bed by hand and ship it to you.

However, for that high price, Hästens claims the Vividus bed lasts over 45 years.

4. Cama Quantum Sleeper – $ 160.000

The 10 most expensive beds in the world - Amerisleep (8)

If you're bracing for disaster or just want to live out of your bed, check out the Quantum Sleeper Bed. The airtight bed closes in on itself and is built to protect you from natural disasters, intruders and weapons.

The mattress is all inclusive and has a refrigerator, microwave, TV, toilet system, backup power unit, emergency communicator, rebreather and filtered ventilation system. You can also lock the bed for additional security measures.

3. Cama Jado Steel Style Gold – $ 676.500

The 10 most expensive beds in the world - Amerisleep (9)

The Jago Steel Style Gold Bed was built to stand out.

The bed frame is very attractive as it is made almost entirely of solid gold and Swarovski crystals. The frame includes WiFi, flat screen TV, DVD player, games system and surround sound system. This bed is less for sleeping and more for fun.

2. Magnetic Floating Bed - $1,600,000

The 10 most expensive beds in the world - Amerisleep (10)

One of the most exclusive beds in the world is the magnetic floating bed, designed by architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars. The bed feels like you're floating on a cloud, and for its ridiculously high price, we expect no less.

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The bed manages to float off the floor thanks to the 1,500-pound magnets beneath it. For safety reasons and to prevent the bed from floating, the bed is attached to the walls with durable ropes.

1. Supreme Canopy Bed: $6,300,000

The 10 most expensive beds in the world - Amerisleep (11)

Designed by Stuart Hughes, a man famous for designing the world's most expensive items including yachts, automobiles and electronics, the Baldacchino Supreme Bed is a masterpiece. There are only two of these luxurious beds in the world, making it not only the most expensive bed in the world, but also the rarest.

The bed is handcrafted by Italian furniture makers, the frame is made from ash, cherry and chestnut wood and features intricate carvings. The bed's elegant canopy is crafted from nearly 250 pounds of 24-karat gold and adorns Italian silk and cotton drapes. The headboard is custom made and has diamonds or other stones chosen by the buyer.

Try Amerisleep Luxury Mattresses

You don't have to spend millions to get top-notch comfort and support. At Amerisleep, you can get high quality,luxury mattresseswithout breaking the bank.

The 10 most expensive beds in the world - Amerisleep (12)

Our products are made in the USA and are CertiPUR-US® certified, which means that the foam in our bedding contains no harmful chemicals and does not emit fumes.

With the purchase of an Amerisleep mattress, you also receive:

  • A 100 night sleep test
  • A 20 year warranty
  • Free shipping and returns

For a luxurious bed at a reasonable cost, check out the AS5 Soft combined with the Amerisleep High-Tech+ Adjustable Bed.

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  • mattress type

    memory foam

  • Firmness

    3 out of 10 (mild)

  • Availability

    All sizes

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  • guarantee

    20 years

  • Thickness

    14 inches

HeAS5It contains four layers of high-quality foam and a soft, refreshing mattress cover. Sleeping on the AS5 is comparable to sleeping on a cloud in the comfort of your own home.

AS5 features plant-based Bio-Pur®, an eco-friendly memory foam designed to stay cool and springy overnight. It's more durable than regular memory foam, ensuring your bed lasts as long as possible.

Unlike most other soft beds, which can sometimes make you feel trapped and unable to move, the Amerisleep AS5 contains a layer known as Active Flex. This layer adds additional cushioning, support and bounce to the AS5.

AS5 focused on the pressure relief technology known as HIVE®. With HIVE®, you get extra support around your head, back and legs, but extra cushioning around your shoulders and hips. This allows for excellent weight distribution and comfort.

The AS5 also features resilient Bio-Core® foam to keep the mattress from sagging or sagging.

We also offer theAS5 Hybridfor people who prefer an inflatable mattress.

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adjustable bed +

The 10 most expensive beds in the world - Amerisleep (14)

Another luxury product we offer is theadjustable bed +. This motorized, articulated bed frame allows you to adjust the angle of your bed for maximum comfort and support.Adjustable beds offer many benefits, including reduced snoring, lumbar support and improved circulation.

The Adjustable Bed+ features high-tech upgrades including a full-body massage feature, head and foot articulation, customizable presets, and an app for your phone. The Adjustable Bed+ also features four USB ports so you can keep your devices close at hand and fully charged.

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The adjustable frame hasWallhugger® Engineering. Most adjustable beds move you up and away from the nightstand and headboard, but the adjustable bed's Wallhugger® feature causes the bed to roll backwards when lifted to keep your body in line with the nightstand .

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common questions

What is the biggest bed in the world?

Helargest bed size availableFor sale is the Alaskan King, which measures 9 feet wide by 9 feet long. This bed can comfortably accommodate four or five people, but you will need to find this bed in specialty stores or have it custom-made.

However, the largest bed ever recorded measures 54 feet wide by 87 feet long. The creator of this bed designed it in a world record attempt and it's almost the size of a basketball court, so it's unrealistic for real use.

What is the most expensive pillow in the world?

The most expensive pillow in the world is the Tailormade Pillow designed by neck specialist Thijs van der Hilst. Retailing at approximately $58,000, the pillow is completely customized for you.

After doing a 3D scan of your head and neck, the designers 3D print the pillow with an ergonomic shape. The pillow is made from Dutch memory foam and can be chosen from a Tencel™ cover or a Mulberry silk, Egyptian cotton and 24k gold cover. The deluxe zippered cover is adorned with four diamonds and a 22.5 carat sapphire.

What mattresses do 5 star hotels use?

While 5-star hotels use luxurious beds, they don't come close to beds that cost five, six or even seven figures. Hotels buy hundreds of beds, so the beds must be of high quality, yet cost-effective.

Many hotels have mattresses custom made for them in bulk, but the types of mattresses hotels usually offer arehybrid beds,memory foam mattresses, youspring mattresses.

What beds do celebrities buy?

The beds celebrities buy vary from person to person, but luxury mattress brands include Hästens and Hypnos.

Celebrities often have custom, handcrafted beds made just for them. Some celebrities even get free mattresses due to their high priority status.

Are expensive beds better?

No, you can find high quality beds in the $500-$2000 range. Beds more expensive than this often include high-end materials and features like unique shapes and sizes, rare fabrics, and more, but they won't necessarily be the best. .best mattressesfor your dream

At the same time, overly cheap beds (under $500 for a queen) break quickly, provide little support, and are made from low-quality materials.

For most people, it's best to buy a mattress within the mid-range price range: $500 to $2,000, depending on the bed size you choose.

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Looking at the world's most expensive beds is fun, but you don't need an expensive mattress to sleep comfortably. Many less expensive beds achieve the same levels of comfort as luxury beds. They just lack fancy features and materials like built-in TVs and gold stitching, but they're not necessary for a good night's sleep.


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