The 10 Best Sleeper Cars: The Most Comfortable and Safest Cars - In a nutshell (2023)

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If you travel frequently, whether for business or pleasure, you probably already know that long or uninterrupted journeys can be exhausting and that hotels, while a blessing, can be expensive.

I've learned a lot about sleeping in cars over the past decade and thousands of miles on long car trips.

However, I learned a lot about autocamping on the trip and also made a lot of mistakes.

The best sleepers are covered in this article based on the opinions of passionate campers.

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The best cars to sleep in

1. Honda-Element

The 10 Best Sleeper Cars: The Most Comfortable and Safest Cars - In a nutshell (1)

A Honda Element has a bed. Contrary to popular belief, the Honda Element is a very spacious vehicle. The Honda Element is probably one of the best cars to sleep in.

It's a cozy place to stay thanks to the spacious interior, comfortable seating, and weather-resistant construction.

With the Honda Element offering so much space, I have to admit I was surprised to find out.

Cargo space is just under 75 cubic inches behind the first row of seats.

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You get an extra 25 inches when you move to the second row.

If you prep and fold all your seats, you have about 100 inches of cargo space to sleep in.

2.Volvo Xc90

The Volvo XC90 is famous for its luxury and spaciousness. It offers enough space for sleeping and can comfortably transport a significant number of people.

A Volvo XC90 is a comfortable place to sleep. It's a good idea to purchase a conversion kit that suits your sleep needs for the best experience. The type of kit you buy depends on how long you plan to sleep in the car, the amount of space you have, and where the vehicle is located.

Especially in summer you don't want to feel the aggressive heat of your car. Even lipstick can melt in a hot car in the summer. So if you don't have enough fuel to run your air conditioner all night, you may need a fan to keep your car cool while you sleep.

3.Interior of Subaru

The 10 Best Sleeper Cars: The Most Comfortable and Safest Cars - In a nutshell (3)

The Best Subaru Outback Car Camping Mattress Has Been Discovered! This mattress is very snuggly, well insulated and just the right size for the back of the car. The Exped Megamat duo 10 insulated self-inflating sleeping pad (medium size, not long width) is reviewed in this gear review article. Read on to learn more about the air mattress we recommend and our personal experience when you want to sleep in the back seat of your car.

Sleeping in the back of a Subaru Outback is great because it offers a sturdy alternative to a tent.

Almost anything can be done to turn your Outback into a camper. For example, if you wish, you can sleep at truck stops while moving around the country.

Another benefit of sleeping in your car is that you have a little more peace of mind if you decide to stay in an unfamiliar place (like the desert or a rest stop). Sleeping in the car offers a little more comfort if you're worried about wildlife or the weather.

4. Furgoneta Ford Econoline

The 10 Best Sleeper Cars: The Most Comfortable and Safest Cars - In a nutshell (4)

The Ford Nugget Campervan is a purpose built camper van that Ford builds on a Ford Transit chassis. The only markets I know of that sell Nugget motorhomes are in Europe.

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A Ford van, whether passenger or cargo van, can be purchased and customized in the United States. Tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people across the country have taken action similar to mine.

Even if you've never used a tool in your life, the Van Life Academy online course will teach you everything you need to know about building a DIY RV with over 95 lessons.

5. Honda CR-V

The 10 Best Sleeper Cars: The Most Comfortable and Safest Cars - In a nutshell (5)

The advantages and benefits of sleeping in a Honda CRV are numerous and unexpected. We can easily sleep in a Honda CRV and save $200 a night on hotel bills. Many experienced campers choose to spend the nights in a Honda CRV rather than a tent.

Travelers prefer to sleep in a Honda CRV for a number of reasons, including improved comfort and safety. Find out more about turning your car into your favorite bed by reading on.

They protect all your belongings when you sleep in your vehicle. Your luggage stays in one place instead of being transported to and from a campsite.

Unnecessary moving and rearranging of items can be reduced by using central storage. Things are less likely to get lost as they are moved less often. A car helps with more than just storage.

A vehicle also serves to ensure the safety of the occupants. A locked car is less likely to be disturbed by wildlife or other nuisance than a tent. One thing to keep in mind is the level of safety that a Honda CRV can offer.

6. GMC Acadia

The 10 Best Sleeper Cars: The Most Comfortable and Safest Cars - In a nutshell (6)

The seats are comfortable and the ride is smooth. The whole car is very spacious. There is plenty of storage space for groceries and other everyday items such as prams and baby accessories. Bags and other items fit easily in the GMC Acadia. There is ample storage space for groceries and everyday items such as strollers and baby accessories.

7. Escape from Ford

The 10 Best Sleeper Cars: The Most Comfortable and Safest Cars - In a nutshell (7)

The Ford Escape is one of the good SUVs. Models with the base engine have good fuel economy, and the optional Turbo Four helps them get up to speed quickly. The Escape offers a comfortable ride, two rows of comfortable seats and plenty of cargo space. The SYNC 3 infotainment system is also easy to operate.

We are happy with the overall comfort of the Escape. The front seats have an attractive upholstery and are well shaped. The rear seats are comfortable too, with good thigh support for adults. Our SEL test car had basic passenger controls, but the Titanium adds a power seat, which is unusual in this class.

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Whether in the city or on the highway, the Escape drives smoothly and safely. It's also relatively quiet at speed, with road noise being the main source of background noise. On a hot day, the climate control airflow is less than expected. Unlike the competition, none of the models offer heated or ventilated front seats.

8. Chevrolet Express

The 10 Best Sleeper Cars: The Most Comfortable and Safest Cars - In a nutshell (8)

The Express for 2022 remains largely unchanged from last year's model, which was largely unchanged from the 2003 version. Express' continued viability as a tool for business use is a testament to its ease of use and the robustness of well-made tools.

It is still possible to improve this tool. The Express looks rough compared to the Ford Transit or Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. There are glaring omissions in modern infotainment and driver safety features. Chevy's optional V-8 powertrain, which is one of its biggest selling points, is hampered by a poor transmission.

The Express remains one of the most affordable full-size trucks on the market, and you can count on its impressive payload and towing capacity. The savings aren't significant, however, and we think most buyers would be happier with a Transit or Ram ProMaster.

9. Toyota Venza

The 10 Best Sleeper Cars: The Most Comfortable and Safest Cars - In a nutshell (9)

The seats are so comfortable; They are without a doubt the most comfortable I have ever ridden. We can just throw the bag in the safe before going to the gym and don't have to worry about it being stolen. I think that comforts me. The ride, handling and smoothness of driving are really nice. Features and details are extremely luxurious without being expensive.

10. Nissan Notice

The 10 Best Sleeper Cars: The Most Comfortable and Safest Cars - In a nutshell (10)

Ford Fiesta and Chevy Sonic managed to look just like Fits. Remembering that Nissan is the company that gave us the Juke and the quirky design of the Murano CrossCabriolet, I assume their design team will take more risks.

The Versa Note hatchback is undoubtedly more practical than the previously reviewed Versa sedan and more attractive than the doughy four-door, which puts Honda comparisons to rest (for now). Although slightly larger inside and out than the previous Versa hatchback, the new hatchback appears smaller than it really is. Being larger inside is probably one of the most significant upgrades the Versa Note can make for a compact car at this price point that will likely serve as a "general purpose" car for a younger buyer.

What distinguishes a great sleeping car?

Comfort, security and privacy are the most important factors to consider when choosing the best sleeper. A big car has more space, so it matters to a point. Because of this, vehicle and fuel costs are often higher.

The elements that make a car a great place to sleep are:

Tinted windows or a private area

Tinted windows can significantly increase your loneliness when falling asleep, even though most cars lack the opulent privacy of the van.

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Removable or foldable seats

Lying down while you sleep is much more comfortable, and SUVs have plenty of room to lay reasonably flat. This is best done at the back of the car.

The most important thing when choosing a sleeper car is how much space there is to lie down.

The best sleepers have folding or removable rear seats. Some vehicles such as B. vans can be modified to accommodate a full bed in the rear. Pure luxury!

Good entertainment and accessories

When looking for a car to sleep in, entertainment must come first. If you plan on spending the night in your car, it helps to have a great entertainment system. Even a good car radio can make a big difference. In most cases, you'll want to plan ahead and bring entertainment for yourself.

Frequently asked questions about the best sleeping car

Which cars are good to sleep in?

A car that is comfortable for you to move around in is the best type of car for sleeping.

Try not to sleep at odd angles, as you'll likely wake up with a sore neck or back.

For maximum comfort you should have a car with folding seats, e.g. B. a hatchback.

How to sleep comfortably in the car at night

Pack some useful things like a sleeping bag or extra blankets if you intend to spend the night in your car. If possible, recline the rear seats so that you can lie down like in a bed.

Invest in sleeping bags if you expect cold weather. When it's really cold, it's also useful to have some blankets, thermos and a hat with you! To let air in and keep insects out in humid climates, hang a thin cloth on the windows.

Gather what you need for a cozy night of auto camping. Make a plan if you plan to spend the night in your car! This way you don't have to spend time looking for supermarkets and gas stations on the trip. Water, a battery-operated phone, a flashlight, an air mattress and a pillow are all essentials.

Is it healthy to sleep in the car?

If you are in a place where you feel safe and don't leave your car running while you sleep, then sleeping in your car is usually healthy and safe.

Attempting to sleep in your car during extremely hot or cold weather should be avoided.


This blog goes into great detail on the best vehicles for camping and long road trips. These opulent vehicles are ideal for long road trips in any weather. Your budget, price range, preferred style, cargo space and a host of other factors will play into your decision.

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