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What makes a car comfortable and which used cars offer the best comfort? Our guide has all the answers.

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There are many factors to consider when choosing your car and for some of us, comfort is one of the most important. Everyone has their own idea of ​​what makes a comfortable car, but we think most people agree on a few things: a smooth ride, a good driving position, supportive seats, an easy-to-use dashboard, and a quiet interior. .

With that in mind, here is our pick of the 10 most comfortable.used carsYou can buy.

1. Range Rover

Expect theRange Rover, like a large luxury SUV with a huge, opulent interior, to be extremely comfortable, but it exceeds expectations. In short, this is one of the most comfortable cars on the market.

The air suspension cushions you from bumps and bumps in the road, while the confident driving position makes you feel like the king or queen of the road. Range Rover seats take you to the next level of comfort. It's like sitting in your favorite armchair, but with the support you need to stay pain-free on long journeys. Add in perfectly placed armrests on either side and a clear view through the large vertical windows and this is a car that makes every journey a pleasure.

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2. Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Large sedans and executive vans are traditionally very comfortable vehicle types that are designed for a relaxed driving experience. OMercedes E classis no exception. Whether you prefer the roomy sedan or the even more practical estate model, you'll find it offers effortless performance and a smooth, comfortable ride.

Driving is particularly smooth and the latest model has a huge digital instrument cluster that's easy to see and intuitive to use. There are numerous front seat and steering wheel adjustment options to help you find your ideal driving position. The seats are well shaped and suitable for every shape and size. The interior conveys a premium feel that contributes to well-being, as well as high-tech features to inform and entertain you on the go.

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3. Audi A8

If your idea of ​​comfort in a car is an interior that shields you from the noise and bustle of the outside world, then aAudi A8it will look almost perfect.

Most models feature double glazing, which helps create an interior so quiet you can almost hear a pin drop, while the front seats have a variety of power adjustments so you can dial in your position to perfection.

A choice of powerful engines and a smooth automatic transmission make the A8 easy to drive. But since this is a luxury sedan, the best place to enjoy the ride might be with a lucky passenger lying in the sumptuous rear seats.

4. Ford Focus

Even if you've never had oneFocus, you probably know someone who has. It's one of the best-selling cars in the UK, and it's popular for good reason. It manages to be fun to drive, but it's also comfortable and relaxing - and that's not a trick many cars pull off. Suspension that provides a smooth ride and keeps the car straight through corners is crucial if you want to have the family on board and reach your destination with a minimum of tears, tantrums and car sickness.

Opt for a quality car whenever possible, as the extra features - including heated seats and adjustable lumbar support - make this humble family hatchback a real comfort hero.

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5.Volkswagen Passat

ÖVolkswagen passatIt's another family favorite and another car that has the uncanny ability to make busy modern life less stressful. Settle into the shapely seats and instantly feel at ease thanks to their comfort and the uncluttered, user-friendly dashboard in front of you.

Everything about the way the Passat drives is smooth, from the feel of shifting and steering to the suspension that softens the effects of bumps in the road. The interior is packed with useful tech and is very spacious, especially if you opt for the station wagon model.

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6. Volvo XC40

Volvo makes some of the most comfortable cars on the market, with models like thisOff-road vehicle XC90it is atV90Van that gives you a real sense of laid-back Scandinavian luxury. However, you don't have to go for one of the brand's big models to get the comfort of a big car. OXC40is a compact and economical option that is among the most comfortablesmall SUVsaccessible.

Much of that comfort comes from the seats, which, like most Volvos, support a class. The rest of the interior adds to the sense of serenity with a large, easy-to-use touchscreen in the center of the dashboard and a soothing, minimalist design. Both diesel and petrol models are quiet. For the ultimate in convenience, choose the plug-in hybrid model, which offers an all-electric range that lets you drive nearly 30 miles in near silence.

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7. Peugeot 3008

ÖPeugeot 3008stands out as another SUV that offers more comfort than most of its competitors. A silky smooth ride is a great start and all engine options are quiet. There's also a choice of two plug-in hybrid models, offering even quieter electric range of up to 35 miles.

The interior is practical and has an attractive, futuristic look. It's comfortable too, with a dashboard that curves around the driver, giving it a 'cockpit' feel and putting all controls within easy reach. There is plenty of comfort no matter which model you choose. Even the most affordable versions have dual-zone climate control, which allows front-occupants to set separate temperatures, as well as sensors at the back that make parking a little easier.

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8.Hyundai i10

ÖHyundai i10proves that if comfort is at the top of your list of priorities, you don't necessarily need a big car or a big budget. Despite being one of the smallest hatchbacks on the market, the i10 is just as comfortable to drive as some much more expensive cars. The ride is particularly smooth for something so compact, the engines are quiet and the seats are a good size and shape.

The i10's compact dimensions make it perfect for city driving, but it's also at home on the highway, where you'll feel relaxed and comfortable even when trucks and large SUVs drive by. The interior is robust and simple and the dashboard is pleasant to use, while running costs are very low.

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9. Citroën Grand C4 Picasso/SpaceTourer

If you have a large family and want to transport them as comfortably as possible, you've come to the right placeCitroen Grand C4 Picasso/SpaceTourer (the car was updated in 2018 and renamed SpaceTourer).

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This mid-size MPV helps stop arguments and screams of "Are we almost there?" Even kids in the back seats have space to feel comfortable, and as parents know, the key to peace of mind and comfort in the car (or anywhere else) is keeping kids calm and happy. Large windows make the interior light and airy, while clever storage spaces help keep clutter to a minimum.

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10. Tesla-Modell S

The Tesla Model S is famous for its long range and quick acceleration, but it's also one of the most comfortableelectric carsYou can buy.

Its exceptionally quiet electric motor keeps noise to a minimum, while the car's sleek shape reduces wind noise at high speeds, helping you achieve maximum battery range. The luxurious interior is spacious, while standard air suspension ensures a smooth ride no matter how bumpy the road.

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