Men prefer debt-free virgins without tattoos (2023)

I haven't commented yet, but I find this topic exciting.

I support the article and pray that these "non-virginal" tattooed women (and men) have no shame or unforgiveness issues. This article is not for you. And this review might not be for you either.

This article is for single virgins who might be about to marry their virgin. And yes, they need to present themselves at their best with a lot of self-respect.

Here I'm speaking to/from the 60 to 80 percent of men who don't give in to sexual temptations with other people (they masturbate instead) while studying trades and crafts (or perhaps a college degree) and developing for the future. They usually marry about 60% of women who have some or extensive sexual experiences or experiences. These women would be sexually involved with 20% of unscrupulous men and crooks.

In my experience in the UK and US it is often the case that the wife has extensive sexual experience and the husband has little or no experience. These girls usually start at the age of 18, and while this is not always the case, in a divorced family they start a few years earlier.

These women may marry at the age of 25 and after a short 2 years refuse sex to their husband. This is because they have 7-10 years of sexual experience with multiple partners. I feel the sexual description needn't be unnecessary, but I think these women have already spent 5 or 8 honeymoons in houses, apartments, cars and hotels during days and hours where unscrupulous men are available for all meals, pay for transport and accommodation. So this woman finds herself trying to build a stressful home with a man who rightfully wants sex from her every other day. Wouldn't you say that her "defloration" a decade ago would have an annoying effect on her husband?

A virgin or non-virgin husband with only past “embarrassing” and unsatisfying sexual experiences – this man would want to give up his marriage because he would feel like she has lived a lifetime without him and not caring about him cares - that nothing could ever be special between them. As reported by my clients and the men I hear from.

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This could be from the enemy or the devil, but the feelings are still there.

The scriptures say that the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy.

I would argue that this suboptimal marriage situation can occur in modern societies with rampant divorces and abandoned daughters who must be cared for by multiple friends.

Many cultures have arranged marriages and/or a no-dating policy until the age of 18 or 20, when a good foundation is laid. This is often not the case in America, where mothers and fathers are not even at home when their children are in their teens; those impressive teenage years (with work and other priorities). I have to say that public school does a lot of harm to boys and girls in terms of their sexuality and nowadays their sexual identity.

A young man, and perhaps some women as well, realizes that his partner has had two or three marriages (sort of) to many friends in the years prior to marriage. Again, it seems like nothing special for the partner.

The devil can use these past sins to create chaos and discord in a marriage.

As far as dating and current culture goes, you could imagine yourself as a guy who has to spend money just to date 3 women who are looking for his wife. He plans for hours and over the past few weeks comes to the table with 10 or 100 euros/dollars and, mind you, not having premarital sex with a woman or women who have had more than 10 sexual partners?

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Not very romantic I would say.

If it were made into a movie, all people of both sexes would be repelled to see a woman having sex with multiple partners and then playing shy around a serious guy, but that's the reality for many, unspoken.

Once you are married there will surely be love and romance, but it takes supernatural power from heaven and to be washed/cleansed with blood.

Hebrews 9:22 "Surely the law requires that almost everything be cleansed with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness."

If you find yourself here again as the hopeless wife, please don't think that a previously "uninformed" or clueless groom sits there and spends many hours a day contemplating his wife's ex-partners. No, and there is love for the partner. You are loved, so there is no need to get depressed. Although this spouse may experience pain from previous painful feelings from time to time when situations are difficult, e.g. B. when there is a quarrel or riot in the family. Your reflection would be, "If my wife were a chaste woman (as in Chastity and Celibacy) could she be another person with patience and understanding for me?"

Through all of that, he can and probably still loves you.
Now you have to respect him. Ephesians 5:33.

You are loved and there are good times, many.

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Young women and virgins, I say, take it easy to be the best you can be. It shows that you understand and have self respect. Not tired of being sexually sated and despised many times before even giving marriage a chance.

When a man is going through tough times in his life and career, the last thing he wants is a suspicious battle-axe from a woman (even at 25) with little patience at his side. He wants a gentle, gentle, wise Virgin to come to him to bear children and endure life's struggles.

A man wants a woman who can cook and clean for him and the children. I mean, if a woman has had sex with strangers for 10 years, she probably doesn't sew, mend, cook, clean, or massage her back (bless her).

I challenge everyone to test the cooking skills of young women between the ages of 18 and 25 at every university in the world today. These students would fail miserably. However, they could seek advice on sexual issues and experiences that would displease any traditionalist of today or generations past. You will always have corrupt people, please don't be one of those guys.

Again, you're not useless if you have a tattoo, aren't a virgin, or bring debt into your marriage because of a useless college degree. This is for the girls from now on.

Some unpunished women become defensive and blame the innocent partner. Saying, "Oh, it's your fault that you allow the devil to control your thoughts about my past sin."

Or say something more caustic: "Are you jealous?".

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The first part, we have to capture the thoughts - yes, our partner's same thoughts in the back seats of cars or in life situations with others who they don't think are special enough to get married.

But don't blame the innocent harshly for not capturing many thoughts (your sexual past); It's tough. With how many partners you've had and with little to no self-respect. Thank God you are saved and redeemed. One should do one's best not to blame the shift.

The second part, no, he's not jealous. You missed the point, your spouse would be disgusted - not jealous. He doesn't think "I wish I had had 18 known partners and 5 unknown partners because of alcohol" - no, not at all, otherwise he would have become a different person. Also, a guy gets disgusted when he hears the names of his exes or, worse, maybe meets them at a family reunion because that "friend" is a good family friend. Unfortunately, it happens very often. There is certainly a certain sense of uneasiness and disgust. It's not the guy's fault, so be polite if you can.

These topics are not new, they have been discussed extensively if anyone knows where to find them. For centuries philosophers have debated the virtues of women (i.e. the thoughts of King Solomon) and men for generations. The fact that this has gone viral as said means you are probably upset you are easily offended by healthy advice for young women which in good cultures has been the supportive advice for that good culture think clean for example and decent in Western European cultures and/or clean and decent Jewish cultures. Both their wives and husbands would reflect this decency and respect for themselves and everyone else.

God the Father Himself sought that there be a virgin birth (the need for a virgin) so there must be a significant message there. Selfishness and corruption in world cultures and in our marriages can very quickly end those dreams of virginity.

And quickly we look at the widow. A man would love to have a widow, even with 3 children, would totally flatter her if he knew that she is a virgin entering into her first and only marriage and that she considers it of the utmost importance to be chaste or pure after death to stay her husband. Death.

With today's divorced women, we find that divorce is, or can be viewed as, a license to go to Las Vegas or Monte Carlo Monoco. Or they vacation on a cruise ship. There they gain more sexual partners. Or they just pick sex partners from the devil's internet dating apps. No obligations. Don't do this, it will corrupt your soul.

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I pray to Heavenly Father that this message will be well received and only by those who should read it.


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