How much does day care cost? - In 2023 - The Pricer (2023)

You will not find an easy answer to this problem. There are several variables to consider and these are just some of them:

  • How many hours a week does your child spend in kindergarten?
  • your son's age
  • What type of day care do you choose?
  • Where do you live

Ultimately, the bottom line is primarily determined by where you live. Take St. Louis, for example, where babysitting costs a lot less than Manhattan, and that's simply because St. Louis has a lower cost of living and so do most salaries. And if you're talking about a daycare, in someone's home or in a center, you might find that prices in a big city double or triple a month compared to a cheaper area.

To get the best prices, choose the type of daycare you prefer, then shop locally, check with friends or trusted caregivers near your home to find out local prices.
Don't think that being your child's full-time caregiver is much cheaper, this situation also comes with costs; One of the most important is the fact that it will be very difficult to keep a steady job and take care of your son full-time.

What do day care centers cost?

Childcare for babies and toddlers

A well-known fact is that daycare is more expensive if your child is an infant or toddler. This is mainly because children of this age need much more attention and the center needs to hire more staff. The average cost of day care in a center in the United States is$11,666 per year($972 per month), but prices range from$3,582 to $18,773 per year($300 to $1,564 per month), according to the National Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies (NACCRRA). Parents reported higher costs that can go$2,000 a month for baby care– in cities like San Francisco and Boston., the new data for 2022 in terms of childcare costs show the following:

  • Parents find it very difficult to pay for childcare.It turns out that more than half of all parents are very concerned about rising childcare costs, especially given the current inflationary woes. This makes most of them think about changing jobs, reducing hours, or taking on a second job to lower their bills
  • It is very difficult for parents to find good day care for their children.In fact, almost half of all parents say it is much more difficult to find quality childcare than it was a year ago.
  • Overall, family care costs are generally higher.About half of all parents have seen average childcare costs increase by at least 20% of total household income, and about three-quarters say they are spending 10% more.

Some people spend more on childcare than on higher education

More than half of all families in the US spend money$10,000 or morein childcare per year, while the average annual cost of state college tuition is slightly higher9.300 $

In fact, all types of childcare have become more expensive than before the global pandemic.

Whereas just a few years ago the cost of a babysitter for a child was around$565 per weektoday is closer$700 per week, which equates to a monthly cost of $2,800. When it comes to kindergartens or daycare centers, the increase is round$180 per weekend$220 per week, bringing the average monthly cost closer to $900.

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Family care centers, on the other hand, cost around$175 per week, which brings the average cost of childcare at a family center to around $700.

The impact of rising childcare costs

More than half of all parents who need childcare are concerned about their costs. This prompted many parents to consider cutting back on essentials, which also means cutting corners and cutting the fun budget. As a result, most parents will likely forgo travel and vacations, recreational activities, new clothes, extracurricular activities, and dining out.

Some of them also check their work life and in some cases their personal life. Many of them are planning significant changes in the workplace to accommodate rising costs. These plans include:

  • leave the workforce entirely
  • change job position
  • reduced working hours
  • take a second job

The 10 Most Expensive States to Hire a Nanny

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Choosing a daycare for your child can be difficult, especially if you live in one of the more expensive states.

States top of the list with costs that can exceed$10,000 per yearfor day care centers these are: Massachusetts, New York, Colorado, Minnesota, Washington, California, Illinois and Wisconsin.

On the other hand, Mississippi ($4,650 per yearaverage for an infant and toddler), Kentucky (6.500 $) and South Carolina (5.850 $).

How much does day care cost? - In 2023 - The Pricer (1)Child care for preschool children

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In general, the cost of caring for preschool children will be cheaper, with an average$8,800 per year($733 per month). You pay from anywhere$4,460 to $13,185 per year($371 to $1,100 per month), depending on your region.

The federal states are the most affordable for childcare for preschool children in a daycare center, with the cost of full-time childcare being less than$4,000 per year($333 per month) to about$7,000 per yearthey are Mississippi, Kentucky, Louisiana, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Idaho, West Virginia, South Carolina, and Alabama.

Check overThe price of a baby

The most expensive is the care of preschool children in a day care center with a cost of more than$8,000 per year($667 per month), starting with the most expensive are Massachusetts, New York, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, Colorado and Pennsylvania.

For more information on childcare options and costs in your area, contact your local Childcare Resources and Referral Agency (CCR&R). More than 850 CCR&R agencies across the country provide families with information about local childcare options and resources.

To find an agency near you, call or visit the hotline at (800) 424-2246America Conscious Childcarewebsite

How can you save money at daycare?

Although the cost of care continues to rise, there are some steps you can take to bring the cost down to a more affordable level.

Calculate your budget for the day care center

Choosing the best childcare option for your family and situation will be easier as long as you have a clear idea of ​​what you can really afford. First, try to find out the current rates for the area you live in. There are online tools that can give you the information you need about the average cost of babysitters, babysitters, licensed daycare, or other family childcare services in your area. You.

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Safe pre-tax dollars for childcare

There are some companies that have a dependent care account, which is an FSA or flexible spending account. So be sure to check with Human Resources to see if this is the case at your company and if so, how best to get started. This account allows you to save up to $5,000 before taxes by going directly to this account, which can be used for nursing expenses.

Use any tax exemptions or credits

You can take advantage of tax breaks and credits if you're willing to pay the caretaker for the books. You can list child care costs on your federal income statement. You could also get a child and care allowance, which is close by$600 pro Kind.

The child tax credit also allows parents to save up to2.000 Dollar pro Kind.

Talk to your employer about long-term care benefits

It may be worth checking whether your employer offers family care benefits, whether you're taking family leave or seeking help with adult or child care. Even if this is not the case, you can still request the creation of programs. Perhaps you are open to this idea, especially now that times are harder for everyone.

Find out about childcare grants and programs

Your family may be eligible for one of many cost-cutting child care grants. Of course, this depends on many factors, such as B. Benefits and your income range.

Does the Average Working Joe Have to Pay for Daycare?

If both parents work full-time or you don't have enough time to look after your child, then paying for day care is a good idea. If you don't have enough money to fully pay for childcare, it might be a better idea to find a close relative to take care of your children, but make sure you choose someone you trust, a responsible one Person who knows how to raise children.

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