Expensive bedding: is it really worth it? (2023)

Whether you're new to the world of luxury bedding or a lover of fine linens, one of the most frequently asked questions we receive is whether luxury bedding and/or expensive furniture is really worth the price. The short answer is a resounding “yes” – but it requires a little specialist knowledge.

Of course, we believe there's no price to put a price on a good night's sleep. However, luxury linen is an investment and you must understand exactly why expensive linens are worth it. The truth is,With proper care, luxury bedding will last for years.and maybe decades. Our heirloom quality sheets are made from the finest fabrics; sewn with skilled labor; and designed to become smoother and more beautiful over time. On the other hand, regular cotton sheets from a department store or large department store can start to wear out within six months and usually need to be replaced in less than a year.

In this article:

  • The cost of luxury bedding compared to the average bed
  • Luxury bedding versus prices from Bed, Bath and Beyond or department stores
  • Factors that make bedding expensive
    • fabric quality
  • Why quality and craftsmanship matters
  • The pros and cons of buying expensive bedding
    • Disadvantages of expensive bedding
    • Benefits of expensive bedding
  • Are expensive bedding worth it?
  • Best Luxury Bedding: Achievable and Sophisticated
    • Luxury Peacock Alley Lyric percale bedding
    • Luxury bedding SFERRA Giza 45 percale
    • Night Matouk Hohlsaumregen
    • Human SFERRA satellites
    • Bedding made from Mulberry Park silk
    • Classic bedding SDH Legna

Read on to learn more about the value of luxury bedding. Let's talk about how the cost of luxury bedding compares to the average bed. Discuss the factors that make expensive sheet metal more expensive; weigh the pros and cons of luxury bedding; and offer some recommendations for luxury bedding options that are both affordable and high-end.

The cost of luxury bedding compared to the average bed

Asking how much bedding costs is a bit like asking how much a car or a house costs. There is no single answer; Bed linen is available in different prices and qualities. To make things even more confusing, a term like "organic bedding" may not mean what it sounds like unless backed by external certification (more on that in the next section where we discuss the factors that make bedding expensive). .

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To illustrate, we evaluated online/department store bedding sets against our stock items at Fine Linen and Bath. These are all queen sets that include a fitted sheet in a standard mattress depth; a flat sheet; and two queen or standard pillowcases. Note: Thread counts and materials listed in this table are those advertised in the department store and on the retailer's website. these claims have not been verified and should not necessarily be taken at face value. We'll discuss this in more detail later.

Luxury bedding versus prices from Bed, Bath and Beyond or department stores

Department store or Bed, Bath and Beyond prices

luxury bedding prices


$68, mid-range department store designer brand, 475 thread count satin sheets

$50, department store brand satin sheets, 550 thread count Supima cotton

$350 and up, 100% cotton hotel sheet style

The best Egyptian cotton sheets in Giza can cost upwards of $1,000

Satin vs. Seide

Satin or polyester microfiber sheets $22
(made from petroleum-based polyester, not a natural fiber)

$604 pure silk 22 momme weight sheet made from real mulberry silk, a natural fiber

Other natural fibers

$99 - 100% bamboo panels (online retailer)
$56 - Bamboo Blend (department store house brand, 70% bamboo/30% cotton blend)

$986 Easy care satin bedding made from beach wood pulp grown in sustainably managed European forests

As you can see at first glance, luxury bedding is priced significantly higher than bedding purchased from department stores or large online retailers. Read on to learn more about why luxury bedding costs - and should - cost more.

Factors that make bedding expensive

The two main factors that make luxury sheets expensive and different from regular sheets are the quality of the fabric and the finish. This applies to all sheets, whether they are made from cotton, silk or natural fibers like bamboo.

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fabric quality

Cotton:Cotton is not just cotton. In fact, there are big differences in the quality of cotton grown in different regions of the world.Egyptian cotton is considered the best in the world. Thanks to the unique geographic and climatic conditions, Egyptian cotton fibers (long and extra long staple) are longer, stronger and more durable; Egyptian cotton fabric softens with time and use. Pima cotton, sold under the brand name Supima, is an extra-long cotton grown in the United States that is also of the highest quality. High quality cotton actually costs more. The problem arises when large department stores or department stores misrepresent the quality and origin of their cotton. It is becoming more and more common for sheets to be labeled as Egyptian Cotton orGiza cotton(the finest Egyptian cotton) although actually cotton was NOT grown in Egypt; This "fake" Egyptian cotton is grown from seeds exported from Egypt. Cotton does not benefit from the unique climate and agricultural practices, such as hand picking, that make real Egyptian cotton so special.

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Similar,yarn countcan be a source of confusion with low to medium quality cotton. In recent years, thread count has become an acronym for cotton fabric quality, with the assumption that higher thread count means better quality. But that can be deceiving. Thread count is defined as the number of threads per square inch of a given fabric. It is calculated by adding the number of horizontal threads (the weft) to the number of vertical threads (the warp). If a fabric has 100 horizontal threads and 100 vertical threads, the total threads are 200. However, the quality of the thread used is MUCH more important than the density of the fabric. Lower thread count sheets made from high quality cotton are much more comfortable (and valuable) than higher thread count sheets made from inferior cotton. The thread count can also be artificially increased if the manufacturer counts the number of layers (or threads) in the yarn; A consumer may think they are buying 600 thread count sheets when, in fact, the sheets are made from a two-ply 300 thread count. This practice is illegal, but unfortunately it still occurs. learn more aboutgeneral thread count scam here.

That:Nothing compares to the smooth, shiny feel of pure silk bedding. True mulberry silk is a luxurious fabric and should never be confused with satin, a petroleum-based synthetic fabric made from rayon or polyester. Only silk delivers the knownBeauty and wellness benefits, including good hydration of hair and skin; minimizing tangles and sleep lines; and body temperature regulation in all conditions.

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Don't be tempted to buy satin sold like silk. Real silk looks and feels different than satin; Silk has a sheen and is soft to the touch, while faux satin is shiny and has a plastic feel. Also, pure silk is always marked with its weight, known as momme. Similar to yarn count,Momme is an indicator of weft density in silk fabrics; The higher the momme number, the more silk there will be. Superior momme fabric also uses thicker silk threads. Choose linens that weigh at least 19 momme (ideal for those who are new to silk and want to try it out); 22 momme silk bedding is heavier and more expensive, with 30 momme being the ultimate in luxury silk bedding. Most importantly, make sure you buy real silk, not artificial satin. You can learn more about it.how to tell the difference between silk and satin.

Other plant fibers:In recent years, bamboo has become very popular as a sustainable and affordable fiber. However, there are some concerns with bamboo. It has overgrown, affecting the quality and strength of some bamboos, and is also sometimes produced with a large amount of toxic chemicals and environmentally harmful processes. Keep this in mind when thinking about purchasing an inexpensive bamboo sheet set. At Fine Linen and Bath, we offer sheets made from wood pulp sourced from sustainably, ethically and carefully managed beech forests in Europe. This fabric is much higher quality than cheap bamboo.

Fabric certification:To wrap up our discussion of fabric quality, we need to address fabric certification. Promotional and marketing materials may use terms like “organic cotton” or “organic bedding” quite liberally. Bottom line: Before believing such claims, seek independent third-party certification. For example, organic cotton is often certified byGOTS(Global Organic Textile Standard). The high quality silk bedding is also regularly certified byÖKO-TEX. These certifications mean that the manufacturer has paid for the fabric to be independently tested, verified and evaluated for content and safety. This is an extensive and rigorous process that drives up the price of every luxury bedding. Look for the GOTS or OEKO-TEX logos on the websites and labels of luxury bedding that claim to be organic, sustainable, or safe.

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Why quality and craftsmanship matters

Quality craftsmanship absolutely raises the price of luxury linen. European luxury bedding is not mass-produced; Most are made in small factories in Italy, Portugal and France by textile artisans whose families have proudly mastered the craft for generations. You can see the caliber of workmanship in the details of these pieces; look for things like delicate hems, hand embroidery, and custom sizes. It also matters where your bedding is made. Supima cotton, for example, can be shipped to offshore factories where it is mass produced in sheets; While cotton is technically of high quality, there is little guarantee of the finish or quality of the final product. Silk scarves are almost always made in China, which has been the epicenter of silkworm breeding and silk production for centuries. The bottom line is craftsmanship and you pay more for well-made sheets.


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The pros and cons of buying expensive bedding

The decision to invest in expensive or not expensive bedding is completely personal and should be made based on your own individual needs. To help you find the best option, consider the following pros and cons:

Disadvantages of expensive bedding

Luxury bedding is definitely an initial investment. You also need to take special care with your luxury bedding, including using a detergent designed for delicate fabrics such as cotton.Luxury multipurpose detergentorLuxurious detergent for silk, wool and cashmerefrom Heritage Park Laundry Essentials. Buying expensive sheets is also a commitment: you want to keep them for a long time, so choose carefully. Luxury bedding is usually made to order and therefore more difficult to return. (To reduce possible uncertainties, take advantage of the Fine Linen and BathSample Sample Programsee free fabric swatches at home before you buy). Finally, when you've reached the ceiling of luxury linens, your color choices can be narrowed down to just a few neutral tones.

Benefits of expensive bedding

The benefit of buying high-quality, expensive bedding is that you are getting bedding that envelops you in absolute comfort and luxury while maintaining a timeless style. This is heirloom linen made to last, with unrivaled craftsmanship from the finest textile artisans in the world. You KNOW you bought the best money can buy.

Are expensive bedding worth it?

The advantages of expensive bedding

The disadvantages of expensive bedding

Total comfort and luxury, timeless style

upfront costs

Heirloom linen made to last

Luxury bedding requires special care

Fine workmanship and craftsmanship

Custom bedding made to make returning difficult

You know you're getting the best in the world

Color options can go down on the higher end

Best Luxury Bedding: Achievable and Sophisticated

As you begin to consider your luxury bedding options, take a moment to review our list of bedding recommendations for cotton percale, cotton satin, silk, and wood pulp. Some of them are affordable, others are desirable "dream" beds. Either way, we hope to inspire you with ideas for your perfect bed. Of course, our design team is always available for personal recommendations, guidance and suggestions.

Luxury Peacock Alley Lyric percale bedding

OPeacock Alley Lyric-Blätterand comforters are 100% extra long cotton. Lyric is an extremely smooth, crisp and beautiful collection of slides.

Peacock Alley Lyric sheets are available in Ivory, White, Platinum. A queen sheet set costs $770.

Luxury bedding SFERRA Giza 45 percale

SFERRA Giza 45 percale bed linenit is made from the softest, smoothest and longest cotton grown in the fertile valley of the Nile. Woven by master craftsmen in Italy for the ultimate in luxury and an incredibly smooth finish.

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SFERRA Giza 45 Percal Sheets are available in White, Ivory, Pewter. A queen sheet set costs $1,470.

Night Matouk Hohlsaumregen

OMatouk's Nocturne Hemstitch Beddingit is a delicate hem that frames this exclusive satin sheet for an effect that is bright and sophisticated, but never stuffy. Made from 600 thread count. Oeko-Tex certified. Egyptian cotton, this is your dream bedding.

Matouk Nocturne Hemstitch Satin Sheets are available in White, Pool, Bone, Silver, Ivory. A queen sheet set costs $657.

Human SFERRA satellites

OSFERRA Giza 45 satin beddingit is made from the softest, smoothest and longest cotton grown in the fertile valley of the Nile. Woven by Italian artisans with 700 thread count for an incredibly smooth finish.

(Video) Expert Guesses Cheap vs. Expensive Bed Sheets | Price Points: Home | Architectural Digest

SFERRA Gizeh satin bedding is available in white, ivory and pewter. A queen sheet set costs $1,845.

Bedding made from Mulberry Park silk

The Mulberry Park Sedas22-Momme-Signaturbogen-Setit is made of grade 6A pure mulberry silk. All Mulberry Park Silks products are OEKO-TEX certified (Standard 100), chemical free and dyed with eco-friendly dyes.

Mulberry Park Silks sheets are available in Steel Blue, Gunmetal, Ivory, Rose Quartz, Sand, Silver, White. A queen sheet set costs $604. Also available in19 momme silk lingeriein black, ivory and white for $446 and 30 Momme Silk Sheets in ivory for $793.

Classic bedding SDH Legna

OClassic bedding SDH LegnaThe collection has the soft, supple feel of silk combined with the easy care of cotton. The fiber for this bedding comes from the pulp of beech trees grown in managed European forests known for sustainability and environmental policies. Luxuriously soft Legna bedding has true, lasting beauty.

SDH Legna Classic bedding is available in thirteen design colors. A queen sheet set costs $986.


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