5 Sheet Colors to Avoid – Experts Warn Against These Common Bedroom Colors (2023)

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The color influences all the rooms in the house, but especially in the bedroom. While it's important that this intimate space look good, it's even more importantDoOK The color of the sheets is one of the tools that most influences your health, since decorating your bed with the wrong color can cause a bad night's sleep.

Changing the bedding is an easy and inexpensive way to change the style and tone of a space. We all know that blue evokes a sense of calm, green evokes energy and freshness, and yellow evokes a sense of joy. The bed is always the focal point of the bedroom, so the sheets you have can be just as striking as the color on the wall.

White is the most common.sheetoption, but interior designers are starting to advise you to stay away. So if you're having trouble falling asleep or want your bedroom to feel more relaxed, avoid the following sheet colors and opt for the following shades:

5 Leaf Colors Experts Recommend Avoiding

From light blue to black and white, these are the colors to avoid when shopping for the best sheets for you.

However, it's worth noting that if you have any of these colors and love how they look in your space, don't worry. There is always something you can do, do what you love. The bedding you choose should suit your sleeping needs and your interior style.

1. blanco

5 Sheet Colors to Avoid – Experts Warn Against These Common Bedroom Colors (1)

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This is a moot point. White sheets have been a favorite for generations, bringing freshness and simplicity to any bedroom. However, sleep experts warn that this timeless but obvious bedroom idea may be commonplace.bedding bug. White sheets can affect your sleep for two reasons.

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First, they can make a room look too clinical. "While white sheets look crisp and clean, they can also give your bedroom a sterile feeling," says company co-founder Robert Pagano.sleep hotline. If your goal in the bedroom is a "warm and cozy" aesthetic, this popular option isn't the best choice, he adds.

The second factor is that bright white keeps the brain awake. Founder and Certified Sleep Science Trainersleeping oceanAlex Savy also cautions against using "ivory or any other bright shade of white." These can affect your sleep because they have daylight connotations. "It's best to choose off-white or beige sheets, as bright white fabrics can be too stimulating for the brain. You may associate them with daylight, which can lead to a drop in levels of a sleep-inducing hormone called melatonin," he said. saying.

5 Sheet Colors to Avoid – Experts Warn Against These Common Bedroom Colors (2)

Alex Savy

Alex Savy is a Spencer Institute Certified Sleep Science Trainer and founder of Sleepingocean.

Alex's journey of reviewing sleep products began when he first read his favorite sleep book. Over time, Alex Savy came to understand the important role that mattresses and other sleep accessories play in restful sleep. That's why Alex Savy decided to start reviewing mattresses and other sleep products. Author of over 100 articles on sleep and sleep-related products, Alex Savy loves to dig deeper and discover what can help people get a good night's rest.

2. light blue

5 Sheet Colors to Avoid – Experts Warn Against These Common Bedroom Colors (3)

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Light blue can be prized for its sky-like, therapeutic qualities, but experts strongly advise against using this natural shade in bedrooms. Just as Alex avoids the stimulation of white, he explains that light blue can be just as provocative. "Light blue is a cool color that can also create the illusion of daylight," he says. "It is better to choose dark blue and navy blue sheets."

3. rojo

5 Sheet Colors to Avoid – Experts Warn Against These Common Bedroom Colors (4)

(Image credit: David Lovatti)

when decidingcolor ideas for the bedroom, you could be forgiven for thinking that a dark color like red is the right shade for the space.

However, as sleep specialists andmattress the next dayChief executive Martin Seeley explained that the "color of love" was too strong for bedtime. "Research has shown that red is such a strong pigment that it can even cause aggression or anger, which is the opposite of what you want when you fall asleep," says Martin. "Instead, what you want is a sense of calm and a slower heart rate." ".

Bright colors, such as red, yellow and orange, can remind the brain of associations related to daylight, Alex added. "Of course, this can lead to decreased melatonin production, leading to sleep delays or other related problems," he adds.

4. brown

5 Sheet Colors to Avoid – Experts Warn Against These Common Bedroom Colors (5)

(Image Source: Future)

"Brown sheets can make a room look dull and uninviting," says Robert.

"While a neutral brown or beige can bring a sense of calm at night, the same cannot be said for a dark brown," adds Martin. Brown sheets can make your bedroom look dreary and depressing, making it hard to fall asleep at night. The problems can also continue when the sun rises. This dark color can also make it harder to "find the motivation to get out of bed in the morning," Martin explains. So if you are not a morning person, you should avoid this shade.

5. negro

5 Sheet Colors to Avoid – Experts Warn Against These Common Bedroom Colors (6)

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"Of course, the same goes for black, the darkest of all colors. While the hue is reminiscent of night, suggesting it's the perfect color for duvets, it's not," says Martin. "Black triggers negative emotions like sadness, anger, and fear, all of which can keep you up at night." "

Roberto agrees. "Black sheets give off [an aesthetic] and in some rooms they can seem too dark and serious. If you're looking for a calming, relaxing vibe in your bedroom, you may want to avoid black sheets," he adds.

Available colours

So, you know which colors to avoid, but which ones are the best? these areThe color of the sheets can improve sleepAccording to experts. As a sleep expert, I have tried all these sheets and can confirm that I sleep without problems. Do you consider changing your sheets? You won't know until you try it:

5 Sheet Colors to Avoid – Experts Warn Against These Common Bedroom Colors (7)azul

Brooklinen Hardcore Organic Sheet Bundle

size:twins, queen, king
Material:100% plush organic fabric
OEKO-TEK certification:Yeah

+ environmental awareness
+ hotel feel
- More expensive

Blue is associated with relaxation and tranquility. Blue bedding helps create a sense of calm in the room. These Brooklinen sheets are woven in percale for a hotel feel. Sleeping under these sheets is like being at a resort.

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Sijo AiryWeight Eucalyptus bedding set

size:Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King, California King
Material:100% Tencel™ Lyocell Eucalipto
OEKO-TEK certification:Yeah

+ cool to the touch
+ great price
- Wrinkles easily

Pink is said to have healing properties, helping to lower blood pressure and lull you to sleep for restful sleep. These light pink sheets from Sijo Home are cool to the touch, have a smooth finish and look great on your bed.


linen sheet set

size:Todas las suites, Queen, King, California King
Material:100% French linen
color: 21
OEKO-TEK certification:Yeah

+ super soft
+ beautiful color options
- It is not recommended to tumble dry or iron.

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Green reminds us of nature and sage tones, in particular, help to reinforce the connection with the outdoors.linen sheets, made with natural and green materials, is the best choice if you want to instill freshness and serenity.

Frequently asked questions

Is the sheet light or dark?

Dark sheets are said to be best used in bedrooms, as light colored bedding increases alertness and reminds the brain of the time of day. In fact, experts suggest that you shouldNever use white sheets.Because they distract you and keep you up at night. Therefore, dark bedding favors sleep more. In terms of style, lighter bedding can also make a space seem too fresh and hygienic. Instead, experts recommend taking advantage of the current trend in gray or green bedding. All this makes the bed look warm and cozy.

It pays to have two sets of sheets that you can use interchangeably, so when the time comeschange your beddingYou can also change the style of your bedroom. If you already have bedding you like but want to try a different color to see how it affects your sleep and the look of your room, you should buy a second set.


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